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Garage Master - Sistem Manajemen Garasi

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Perbarui Riwayat

  • 24-05-2021
    [Feature] Added multiple branching feature 
    [Improvement] Fixing language input issue, inside form field 
    input support all language listed inside 
    (General Setting->Other setting tab->Language Selection)
  • 27-04-2021
    [Improvement] Made changes in validation to store other languages data in the database
    [Feature] Added Washbay feature in jobcard and service process
    [Improvement] JS Code clean inside all UI files
    [Improvement] Language support for all alert messages
    [Bug] Fixed Custom filed validation rules (Inside all Modules)
    [Improvement] make some unnecessary fields optional in some modules
  • 30-03-2021
     [Feature] Improved custom field module with radio and checkbox controles
    [Improvement] Added steps wizard on dashboard to guide the user
    [Improvement] Fixed some laguage translation issues in form validation messages  
    [Bug] Fixed custom field module minor issues
  • 03-09-2021
     [Update] Upgraded laravel framework version from 5.8 to 8.0
    [Improvement] Delink vehicle service and vehicle sale module
    [Feature] Added Quotation Module
    [Bug] Fixed sale part stripe issue
    [Bug] Fixed some bugs in invoice module and improved it
    [Bug] Fixed validation message issues
    [Improvement] Improved report module
    [Bug] Fixed some issues in invoice PDF 
  • 19-02-2021
     [Validation] Added Frontend and backend validation in all modules
    [Bug] Sloved all dependency errors
    [Bug] Added soft delete in required modules
    [Improvement] Make price related textboxes editable
    [Bug] Fixed payment module issues
    [Bug] Fixed compact variable issues customer and employee side
    [Bug] Sales part edit issue fixed
    [Improvement] Make some unnecessary fields optional in service and vehicle module
    [Bug] Invoice module status issues fixed
    [Bug] Income module status issues fixed
  • 30-12-2020
     [Bug] Fixed Javascript issue.
  • 29-12-2020
     [Feature] Added dynamic access rights module and user wise
    [Feature] Added searchable dropdown in some modules
    [Validation] Added product code validation with domain name
    [Bug] Fixed jobcard process related bugs
    [Bug] Fixed stock related bugs 
    [Bug] Fixed some bugs in supplier module
    [Bug] Fixed some bugs in product module
    [Bug] Fixed some design related bugs also in whole project
  • 04-09-2020
     [Feature] Added custom field in all required modules
    [Bug] Language translation related bugs fixed
  • 25-08-2020
     [Feature] Added MOT Test feature in vehicle service module
    [Bug] Fixed all dependency issues 
    [Bug] Fixed Multiple entries issue at the same time of same records
    [Bug] Fixed invoice issues in free service and paid service both
    [Bug] Fixed Some issues at employee and customer side in action buttons in the listing page
    [Bug] Fixed View PDF issue and view modal design issue
    [Bug] Fixed Jobcard issues
    [Bug] Fixed pay with card button issues
  • 07-06-2020
     [Feature] Added Stripe Payment Gateway
    [Bug] Fixed Vehicle module dynamic block delete on click single delete button 
    [Bug] Fixed Jobcard module multiple blocks delete on click single delete button
    [Bug] Sale Part module multiple blocks delete on click single delete button
    [Bug] Fixed all browser issues
    [Bug] Fixed currency symbol issue in invoice view and PDF
    [Bug] Fixed Jobcard issues
    [Bug] Fixed pay with card button issues
    [Bug] Fixed free coupon code dropdown issue
  • 11-06-2020
    [Bug] iPhone and android device responsive issues fixed.
    [Bug] Job card processing issues fixed
    [Bug] In some modules datatable responsive issues fixed
    [Bug] Invoice view issue fixed
    [Bug] In mobile devices some delete buttons are not clickable that is fixed
    [Bug] Vehicle view is not proper some images are not shown properly in-vehicle view
    [Bug] Some colors are not shown in the vehicle view
    [Bug] Some validation issues are fixed in customer and employee module
    [Bug] In sales module quantity should not be taken in minus that fixed
    [Feature] Added Company name in customer module
    [Feature] Added number plate in-vehicle module
    [Feature] Added number plat in service listing so that user can search service by number plat of particular vehicle
    [Feature] Also added number plate in invoice list.
    [Feature] Added vehicle maintenance history in vehicle view 
  • 27-12-2019
    - Indonesian Language added
  • 14-10-2019
    - Upgrade Laravel Framework 5.7 to 5.8
    - Bug Fix and code changes based on letest framework and php version compatible upto 7.3.*
    - Jobcard processing issue fixed
    - User view issue redirect to login screen fixed
  • 07-04-2019
    - New Laravel Project package creation
    - Added Automobile Parts module
  • 19-03-2019
    - Fixed issue with Installation Wizard
  • 15-02-2019
    - Email Template Modifcation
    - Fixed issue with Invoice
  • 21-01-2019
    - Upgrade Laravel Framework 5.2 to 5.7
    - Fix Token Issue
    - Bug Fix and code changes based on latest framework and php version
  • 12-12-2018
    - Fixed Installation wizard.
    - Document Updated.
  • 31-10-2018
    - Fixed Jobcard Processing.
  • 29-10-2018
    - Fixed Installtion wizard.
    - Fixed Package Structure.
  • 10-09-2018
    - Initial release

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